Ghost Recon : Breakpoint

@World Building Development Tester


On: PC / PS4 / XB1
What: Open world military shooter. Survive on an unknown island fighting high-tech drones and ancient brothers in arms.
My job: World Building Development Tester

My Missions

Design World Building quality test plans

One of my main mission as a Development Tester is to design and organise specific test plans for Quality Control teams.

As long as the Ghost Recon Breakpoint world is very large and contains a lot of different locations, I had to rationalize tests into different specific forms for each location type. The application of these test plans have to cover every important aspect of the world while being user-friendly and quick to apply. For this, TestRail is a super effective tool.

I also create a lot of documentation for QC teams using Confluence. This documentation is all about how to use in-game debug tools and the best practices when reporting a bug. The documentation is also about the basics of every aspect of World Building in order for them to have key notions for a better efficiency.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – A giant world to debug

Communicate with development and QC teams

Making regular reports for producing and development teams are an important part of the job. Transparency allows everyone to be clear on what to expect for upcoming milestones in term of quality.

The role of a Development Tester is also to make the bridge between development and QC teams. Helping QC with technical difficulties and answering their questions help them to be more efficient. Asking important information to devs when it’s needed and gather the knowledge of the World Building scope is a crucial mission.

Help developers & bug database management

Developers often need help on different aspects of their World Building job. Being here to support them is probably the most important aspect of the position. This can take different forms like creating a bug report for them, testing new developments before pushing them on branch, helping them with engine issues or helping them on debug.

This last point is strongly linked with the bug database management. Using JIRA on a daily basis, my role is to check issues created by QC teams and make changes if needed. For example, issues with wrong assignees have to be redirected. Complex bugs have to be analysed in engine to add more information and help developers to fix them.

Marketing assets

The last mission I have to deal with as a Development Tester is to be part of the large debug process on marketing assets.

Being referent for the reveal event was one of my duties for instance. This task consist of knowing every important bug entry, their status, improvements of build global quality and report everything to development and creative teams.