Personal projects


You can find my personal projects on my page:

Super Fancy Factory Mania

On: Windows
What: Experimental puzzle game with dozens of achievements to unlock. Entry for a one week game jam.
My job: Everything : design, art, code, …
The idea was to make a fun and juicy game with a lot of experimentation. You can read my post-mortem HERE

NetWork : The S.Edwards case

On: Windows
What: A minimalist fast-paced puzzle game
My job: Pretty much everything : design, art, code, music, …
My goal was to make a short but complete game experience with a high quality finish.


On: Windows
What: Pinball x Rogue Lite. Entry for a one week game jam made with a group of friends.
My job: Game Design (3C, progession), Level Design, Level Building, Procedural level generation scripts