@Level Designer, Game Designer, Builder


By: 7 students from SUPINFOGAME
On: PC
What: Real Time Strategy game focused on micro-management taking place on a moving environment
My job: Level Designer, Game Designer, Level Builder

My Missions


  • Design and follow a level design production pipeline
  • Deal with pathfinding problematics:
    • Create a large variety of choices for the player at every moment
    • As long as the environment is always moving, it mustn’t exist any situation where the player is trapped (excepted by his own fault)
  • Deal with rhythm problematics:
    • Alternate start, fighting and army building areas in a semi-randomly moving environment
    • Create various and well-balanced situations at every moment

Warpath – Paper design of a “spawn area”


  • Build different layers of gameplay:
  • Blocking (pathfinding, invisible walls and pathfinding playtests)
    • Game elements value tweaking (changing values for wind strength, water maximum quantity on clouds, water start quantity, water filling speed, etc.)
    • Graphic element integration (clouds integration)
  • Tools: Unity3D (landscape tool, CloudSystem plugin, custom tools) + 3DSMax

Warpath – Level building un Unity


  • Design a real time strategy gameplay:
    • Take part of every decision concerning the gameplay
    • Deal with game complexity and game interest problematics
  • Design a set of different and complementary units:
    • Design 4 different and balanced units with different gameplays and roles
    •  Use a “Kit design” (or MOBA-like, with different skills to offer different possibilities) and not a “rock-paper-scissor design”

Warpath – In Game View